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Blackberry Basil Whiskey Smash

2 oz LA1 Whiskey
2 oz Basil Simple Syrup*
2 lemon slices
4 blackberries

Muddle lemon slices and blackberry at the bottom of a rocks glass. Add ice, LA1 Whiskey, and Basil Simple Syrup. Stir with a bar spoon and garnish with lemon slice and blackberry.

*To make Basil Simple Syrup, put ½ cup water and ½ cup granulated sugar in small saucepan, stir and heat until it boils (sugar will dissolve and syrup will be clear). Add ½ cup – 1 cup of fresh basil leaves and stir to submerge all leaves; turn heat off. Allow leaves to steep until liquid cools, 30-45 minutes. Strain leaves using a mesh strainer and discard leaves. Syrup will be pale green in color. Store syrup in a labeled jar in the refrigerator.