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LA1 Mimosa, courtesy of Jonathan Nunez of BRQ Restaurant

"I took a spin on a higher hat mimosa. Incorporating the Orange liquor instead of OJ and using Prosecco instead of Brut to add a little more sugar. The Orange flower water ties well with the gardens and the bitters enhances the cocoa in the whiskey."

LA1 Mimosa:

Recipe for individual cocktail:

.5oz LA1 Whiskey
.5oz Combier (any triple sec)
2 dashes Aztec Chocolate Bitters
2 drops Orange Flower Water
Top with Prosecco

Process: add all ingredients in a shaker tin (not the Prosecco), add ice, shake and strain into a coup or champagne flute, top with Prosecco to fill the glass, garnish with orange rind or wedge.

Recipe and process for event:

Batch @ 1 Gallon intervals:

54oz LA1 Whiskey
54oz Combier (any triple sec)
14.25oz Aztec Chocolate Bitters (Fee Brother's @ Collandro's)
6.75oz Orange Flower water

Process: Combine all ingredients into a bucket (not the Prosecco), stir and portion into a serving container (gallon jug or old wine bottles), keep refrigerated.

Service: Add 1.25oz per champagne flute and top w/ prosseco and serve. No need to combine individually during big events.